Shoulder length vixen crochet braids with Marley hair and versatile 4 way parting


Having installed this the first time, I found the process quite simple and quicker than the usual crochet braids.
For those who are unaware – the ‘vixen’ term refers to when the hair can be parted 4 ways from the centre of the head. Hair is left out around the perimeter and around each quarter of the head to create a natural look. As a result, styling is more than versatile as the client can now achieve half up half down styles, a ponytail, or even the fishbone style.

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Instagram : hairbyoj

Shoulder length crochet braids with Marley hair side parting

This client desired a more natural look and requested for her hair to not contain too much volume.
The outcome reflected just that, the hair texture, thickness and length makes the hair look very natural, and most importantly, it complimented the client well. Again like my previous post, this hair can be blowdried and curled with rollers to add styling versatility.

For more information or to install these please contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj

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