Chin length loosely curled crochet braids

As a first timer, this client wanted her hair to be very tame with very little volume. This type of curl naturally lays quite flat so this was successfully achieved.
The short length was also suitable enough for the client’s working environment.
Overall, a very pleased customer.

For more info or to install these contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj


Lock twists

This male client had lock twists installed. The technique I used slightly differed to the traditional ‘two strand twist’ method,and is done in such a way to prepare the hair for dreadlocking.
These twists are low maintenance and can be achieved on any hair or length type. They are suitable for any type of purpose- not solely dreadlocking. This style is also ageless and genderless so it is suitable for absolutely anyone!

For more information or to install these please contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj

Twitter: @hairbyoj