Shoulder length curly crochet braids


You probably already guessed it, but yep yet another person who’s chosen to use the cherish- Spanish curl. It’s amazing hair I don’t blame her! She did a short style as most clients including myself have done with this hair.
She looks pleased with the result, so was I! Lol
A great way to maintain these curls is to spritz a bit of water then use a little bit of a water based conditioner such as herbal essences or tressemme to help revive the curls and keep it smelling fresh!

For more information or to install these contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj

Shoulder length ringlet curl crochet braids

This hair is full of life and bounce! The curls are perfect and took no more than 3 hours to install.
The hair used is ‘Spanish curl’ by Cherish, which also gives a very 50s look.

For more information or to install these please contact:


Instagram: hairbyoj

Twitter: @hairbyoj