Shaved back braids


Shown client has medium sized waist length braids. The client has shaved her hair in the past so I found it almost impossible to grip the back of her hair. However, after a rapid trip to the barbers, the shaved back adds a punky, trendy edge to the braids. This goes to show that braids don’t have to be boring and simple, the shaved back is emblematic of the versatility and unique style braids can carry.
So don’t be afraid to try something daring with your braids!

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Blonde box braids

Blonde box braids

These are shoulder length box braids. The partings are purposely spaciously parted in a box shape- hence the name “box braids”.
The style of the box enables a neat and symmetrical look which compliments the face. These type of braids can also be vastly styled and are easy to maintain especially considering their practical length. The blonde colour is daring and compliments the models complexion, however blonde adds a bit of spark and fun regardless of skin complexion- even if just blonde highlights are installed.