Fulani goddess braids 

I wanted to try something different. I’ve been inspired by the Fulani/Alcia keys inspired braids I’ve seen lately so decided to experiment with my own twist by adding curly ends to create ‘fulani goddess braids’.

It’s not perfect, I know, I more so just wanted to have fun and try new things and share it with you guys!

Next time I’d make the singles and cornrows a lot smaller and also find a way to smoothen the client’s hair before braiding for a more sleek finish.

Overall i though the finished look was cute and my client loved it! What do you think?

Hair and Accessories used from Trendy Tresses:

Braiding hair: https://www.trendytresses1.com/collections/patra-collection/products/braiding-hair

River curls: https://www.trendytresses1.com/collections/curly-collection/products/new-river-curls

Gold cuffs: https://www.trendytresses1.com/collections/accessories/products/hair-cuffs

Hair Septum: https://www.trendytresses1.com/collections/accessories/products/hair-septum

View more of my work/contact me at the following:


Email: hairbyoj@outlook.com

Website: http://www.hairbyoj.com

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