Hey guys!
So I’m hosting my first giveaway as a big thanks for all the support and because I’d like to bless someone with 4 bundles of these gorgeous River curls from Trendy Tresses!
Link to hair:


1. Subscribe to my youtube channel (Click on the red button below the video that says ‘subscribe’)
2. Like and Share the original River Curls video on any one (or few) of your social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) (make sure you tag me in it so I know you’ve done it)

Link: (Make sure you tag me so I know you’ve done it!)

3. Like and Follow HairbyOJ and Trendy Tresses on Facebook and Instagram.


Instagram- @hairyoj



Instagram- @trendytresses1

4. In the comment section below this video , comment your social media handle (and what social media platform it is so I know where to find you) alongside why you think crochet braids are a good protectives style ( MUST be the same social media handle that you shared the video on. I must also be able to contact you via the same handle). 
More info about the hair: Has look and feel of human hair but must be well maintained as it is synthetic, long and curly. Hair care instructions will be sent in your pack. 
It is also on the Trendy Tresses website:
Winner will be chosen on 30/6/17. ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world can apply! Shipping is FREE!

Please ensure your page is NOT private or I will not be able to see anything.

Feel free to enter as many times as you wish!

View more of my work/contact me at the following:




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