Chest length curly crochet braids with side parting 

Used is the same curl as my last two posts except at a slightly longer length.

This client doesn’t have an invisible parting and although many are against having visible knots, it does often provide the appearance of pick and drop braids and is also suitable for those who would like to steer away from the weave look.

Spritzing a bit of water helps you to easily manipulate the curls, and running a pea-sized amount of conditioner through the hair prevents it from smelling.

For more information or to install these contact:


Instagram: hairbyoj

Twitter: @hairbyoj

4 comments on “Chest length curly crochet braids with side parting 

  1. Christine says:

    Hello, what hair is this?

  2. Tiff says:

    What hair is used here please??

  3. millicentadeyoju says:

    Please can you include the type of hair you use for each hairstyles in the post. Especially this one, I have been searching for hours trying to find it on google and aliexpress. Please kindly reply

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