Box braids styling options

I always claim how versatile styling options are for box braids but never prove it, so this is what the purpose of this post is.
These are just a few of the possible styles that can be done, there are many more.
The first style is the popular half up down style which I did by taking a section of braids from the top and wrapping two braids around the rest to secure it.
The second style is similar to the first, except I twisted all the hair around itself to create a bun, this style is a lot more stylish and trendy.
The third funky style is a high side ponytail which I achieved simply by holding all the braids towards the top side of her head, I then took two braids and wrapped them around the rest to secure it. This style is great if you want to stand out at a party or event!
The last style is the classic bun which is suitable for the lazy days or if you desire simplicity. To achieve this look, I followed the same steps as the second post, except I twisted all the braids around itself then secured with a hairband.

For more info, or if you would like me to post more styling options please contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj
Twitter: @hairbyoj


One comment on “Box braids styling options

  1. Absolutely beautiful and she’s so Pretty she favors my FAM that OJ is all that and A great BIG Bag of Chips !!! I wished he were available in AZ.

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