Shoulder length crochet braids with Marley hair


This client who has relaxed hair wanted to try something with a natural look hence why she chose to install the Marley hair. The length and volume creates styling versatility and also allows it to look very natural.
The parting is a versatile middle and side parting also.

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Shoulder length ringlet curl crochet braids in a ponytail

This post was simply to show the styling versatility crochet braids have. Although very simple and basic, the classic ponytail is suitable for work, everyday wear or even for a night out! The curls also give the ponytail some character and volume.
Hair used: cherish- Spanish curl


Shoulder length loosely curled crochet braids

This client chose loose curls as she preferred something simple yet still professional enough for her working environment.
TIP: when choosing to do loose curls, ensure to buy a texture which is not silky or it has a high chance of falling out! If you do choose to use silky hair however, ensure you install very tiny sections -that way the knots will be more secure.

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Waist length medium sized braids


This client requested a simple, easy to maintain style which is why I did the braids at a reasonable size and avoided making it too full.
The braids are versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways.

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Chest length ringlet curl crochet braids


This is the first time I’ve installed the cherish- Spanish curl in a long length. This client who had used the cherish- Spanish curl previously to do a shorter hairstyle loved it so much that she decided to do it again with a longer length. Evidently it looks great on her!

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Shoulder length curly crochet braids


You probably already guessed it, but yep yet another person who’s chosen to use the cherish- Spanish curl. It’s amazing hair I don’t blame her! She did a short style as most clients including myself have done with this hair.
She looks pleased with the result, so was I! Lol
A great way to maintain these curls is to spritz a bit of water then use a little bit of a water based conditioner such as herbal essences or tressemme to help revive the curls and keep it smelling fresh!

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Instagram: hairbyoj