Chest length, ringlet curls crochet braids with leave out

So the highly requested crochet braids are stealing the show again! 😜
This particular client desired a full yet natural look. Her request was successfully achieved as a result of the combination of the hair and leave out. If you’re interested, the hair brand is ‘glance’ ,the colour is 1b and the curl type is ‘circle curl’ -hence the gorgeous goldilocks-like appearance of the curls. The curls did have the tendency to frizz a little, but this wasn’t an issue for the client as the frizz contributed to the natural look the client was aiming for.
This is the first time a client has requested a leave out, but I think it enhanced the natural look of the hair almost giving a weave-like appearance.
Another plus was the fact that the braids only took 3 hours to install!
Crochet braids are evidently a quick, protective yet stylish alternative for those who are transitioning, newly natural or just simply desire a break from the weave and braids.

For more information or to install these please contact:

Instagram: hairbyoj

Twitter: @hairbyoj 


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