Shoulder length curly crochet braids


Now this style is not as popular as braids, but they are just as low maintenance and perfect for naturals who want to attain the appearance of weave or pick and drop! I have recently had quite a few clients requesting this style, so I think this may soon become a highly requested one in my books.
The hair is very full as evident because the client requested small and plentiful cornrows. The curls are slightly tight but frames the clients face well. The length enables the hair to be suitable in conservative working environments or if you don’t want something too wild.
Synthetic hair was used for this style which can be maintained with water and conditioner. It is also a cute style to do for the Christmas holidays!

For more information or to install these please contact:


Instagram: hairbyoj

Twitter: @hairbyoj 

One comment on “Shoulder length curly crochet braids

  1. Aubrie Stephens says:

    What brand and name of crochet hair did you use for this client?

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