Shaved back braids


Shown client has medium sized waist length braids. The client has shaved her hair in the past so I found it almost impossible to grip the back of her hair. However, after a rapid trip to the barbers, the shaved back adds a punky, trendy edge to the braids. This goes to show that braids don’t have to be boring and simple, the shaved back is emblematic of the versatility and unique style braids can carry.
So don’t be afraid to try something daring with your braids!

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My hair feature

My hair feature

So about a week ago I was contacted by the publishers of trailsntresses asking if they could do a hair feature on me. Of course I agreed to it. I was asked a series of questions with which I had to support with photographic evidence regarding my natural hair journey. I’ve never had a feature posted on any kind of public site, so I was pleased to have been given the opportunity to do so. I’ve posted the link, take a look at it!



This is the classic fish-bone style. The side cornrows resemble that of a fish bone and when conjoined into a big cornrow in the centre, it creates the illusion of the skeleton of a fish hence the name “fishbone”. Of course shown client is only 8 years of age so I had to keep it cute hence the zig- zag parting and medium sized cornrows.

Anybody however can wear this style as it does not possess an age appropriation limit. Very skinny cornrows with a back length middle cornrow can look very stylish on older clients.

Blonde box braids

Blonde box braids

These are shoulder length box braids. The partings are purposely spaciously parted in a box shape- hence the name “box braids”.
The style of the box enables a neat and symmetrical look which compliments the face. These type of braids can also be vastly styled and are easy to maintain especially considering their practical length. The blonde colour is daring and compliments the models complexion, however blonde adds a bit of spark and fun regardless of skin complexion- even if just blonde highlights are installed.

Poetic justice 

How can we forget the main culprit of this infinite trend. The Poetic Justice actress herself, Miss Janet!
Throughout this film, Jackson maintained the long, chunky braids which she occasionally styled with hats or scarves (as evident in the picture). What made Janet’s hair interesting in the film was the fact that she had the same braids throughout the whole film, its almost as if we watched her hair gradually loose its fresh look from its flawless appearance at the start of the film. Although the braids still looked amazing, they most definitely evoked a sense of authenticity -which highlighted the realism of the film. The viewer may have felt as if they travelled with Janet through her journey in the film by simply watching her braids go from fresh and new- to not so fresh and new. Seems far fetched but true!

Chunky poetic justice braids

Chunky poetic justice braids

These chunky braids are waist length are closely resemble the infamous Janet Jackson poetic justice braids. If you are seeking a more trendy look then these type of braids are perfect for you! They can be styled in a big bun or a high ponytail. The chunkiness of the braids enables a unique and stylish appearance.